Hope Freed to Serve

Week 3

1 Peter 2:19-25

The sermon could be used as a brief devotion read in the home or it as a tool to assist pastors in preparing their own messages. The sermon paragraphs have section headings that are not intended to be read. They are provided to aid preachers and teachers see the overall outline of the message. They can also be teaching points for family leaders.

The Bible study provides an opportunity for further discussion of the topic of the week. It draws upon the sermon themes and puppet show. The Bible Study also engages homes in practical activities as stewards of our Hope in Jesus (see below).

The household activity is included in the Bible study but provided also as a separate sheet so that it may be further developed by a home or small group. First Peter powerfully challenges us to respond to suffering with Hope that is sanctified in “doing good.” This is a tremendous opportunity for churches and homes to teach Biblical stewardship as they engage the mission of God.

The lectionary readings cover almost half of the entire letter of First Peter. These daily reflections offer an opportunity to read the entire letter a few verses at a time with questions for reflection.

We value supporting faith formation in the home intergenerationally. These videos are available through the “St. Pauls Lutheran H.I.S. Puppeteers” YouTube channel. Links are provided this document and are also incorporated into the Bible studies for the week.