Pulpit Supply

Missouri District Announces Epiphany & Easter Respite for Pastors

One of the greatest blessings that a congregation has is its pastor. It is fairly well known that preaching and teaching the Word of God and proper distribution of the Lord’s Supper is a role that carries much responsibility and stress, even under the best of circumstances. It is also widely agreed that 2020 brought a whole new set of stressors. Many pastors need a break; a chance to reset and then continue leading their congregation. The Missouri District would like to help with that.

The Missouri District is partnering with retired pastors to offer pulpit supply for those currently serving their calls. Rev. Jacob Mueller, pastor at Holy Cross in Emma knows the blessings some respite can give:

Last year, Holy Cross graciously agreed that I should take a Sunday or Wednesday at the birth of our daughter. She was born at the end of March at the time when all our services went online due to COVID. As you know, online services can much more work, and we weren’t in a position to take have anyone else step in and help just yet. I am thankful that my congregation is encouraging me to take advantage of this kind offer from the Missouri District. Our church is thankful they can support us in this way and our family is thankful for the rest. It really is a blessing.

How does it work? A pastor or congregation can complete a form requesting pulpit supply for weekend services during the Epiphany and Easter seasons. The retired pastors will be donating their time and the only expense to the congregation will be mileage (though congregations may apply for grants to assist with those expenses if needed). After the request is submitted, a member of a team of retired pastors working with the President’s Office will be in touch to connect your congregation with a retired pastor who is available to serve as a guest preacher.

Requests for can be made via email at pulpitsupply@mo.lcms.org or visit mo.lcms.org/pulpitsupply for more information.