During the last eighteen months, the Missouri District provided webinars, white papers, and other resources to assist congregations in a number of key areas as they adapted to the unique circumstances. Now that our situation is once again changing, many congregations are looking for resources to assist them in key areas. The District website is a good place to start in looking for resources for your congregation.

In 2018, the District Convention created a new Council on Mission and Ministry to provide support for congregations of the District. The council has focused on two particular areas during since its creation: witnessing and stewardship.

The 2018 Convention also adopted a resolution to offer Every One His Witness, a Lutheran evangelism program, in every circuit. While COVID-19 presented challenges, the Council on Mission and Ministry, along with District staff, have worked to provide an abridged version of Every One His Witness that can be offered online, as well as in small groups in person. In May, members of the council, circuit visitors, and others from across the District participated in training so that they could help provide this needed resource in every circuit across the District. Every One His Witness can be a great help to support congregations equip members as they prepare to engage their communities with more in-person events.

Related to witnessing has been the District-wide “Plus One Initiative” that provides coaches and resources to assist congregations in reaching their communities through service and witness. More than 150 congregations have participated in Plus One. Bible studies and other resources related to community engagement are available to assist your congregation.

The council has also worked to provide resources related to stewardship. Last year, with the uncertainty related to congregational support, the District provided a stewardship program from our website to assist pastors and congregational leaders in teaching stewardship during those challenging times. The council has also linked congregations with other stewardship resources that are available, including those from the Synod’s stewardship department.

As your congregation looks to the future and identifies needs, but is unsure where to turn for resources, the Missouri District stands ready to assist you. Please contact Colleen Zaruba (colleen.zaruba@mo.lcms.org or 314-590-6200) and she will connect you with the right person to find the resources that your congregation needs.